Friction-Less Hotel Experiences – How Can You Get There?


Increasingly, travelers expect to see a significant part of their stays automated. On the one hand, automation can seem impersonal, but the reality is that it can drive a frictionless hotel experience by taking care of a lot of administrative tasks, allowing your employees to add the personal touch that can set your hotel apart. If a guest is preoccupied with plans or juggling multiple bags, the last thing they want to deal with in checking in or finding their room key. You can provide an overall better experience by using technologies like facial recognition, smart rooms, and the ability to use their own devices. 

Facial Recognition 

Facial Recognition technology can personalize the guest experience. It can streamline check-in, track rewards members or control access to guest rooms or areas such as workout rooms, business centers, and pools. It speeds guests through the process, makes your rewards program more valuable and allows your employees to engage with guests on a more personal level. With facial recognition, employees can see a profile containing the name and preferences of the guest. They can call them by name and cater to their saved preferences.   

Smart Room 

Fully connected rooms are becoming increasingly common. Guests can gain room admission through facial recognition or their own enabled smart devices. They can control the temperature, lighting, and even room décor and entertainment.  Imagine a traveler returning to your hotel after a hot, frantic day and being able to turn on the lights, pump up the air conditioning and close the curtains while walking through the lobby or grabbing a cocktail in the bar. They can even tune the TV to the game or their favorite binge watch and get their room service order on the way.  When they step into their room, it is tuned to their preferences. 

Enabled Devices 

How many people lose their room keys compared to the number of people who misplace their smartphones? While key cards are a lot easier to replace than the metal keys from years ago, but it’s still inconvenient to the guest and your employees. Allowing the guest to download an app, their phone becomes their key as well as giving them full control over their room experience, checkout, and payment. It doesn’t get much more frictionless than that.  

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