The Top 5 Restaurant Menu Trends in 2023

Many conversations surrounding 2023 restaurant menu trends seem to focus on quirky and bizarre ingredient combinations or TikTok influencers. However, when it comes time to order food from a menu, what are diners excited to order? In a nutshell, diners want their food choices to feel good: physically, emotionally, and even ethically. Here are five… Read more »

What the Latest Hospitality Design Trends Mean for Hotel Project Managers

The latest trends in travel have brought sustainability, technology, and wellness to the forefront of every hotel owner’s mind. Not only do these trends demand that daily operations create a personalized guest experience, but physical facilities must also transform. When beginning hotel renovations, new developments, and technology upgrades, what do today’s project managers now need… Read more »

What Do the Top Senior Living Recruiters All Have in Common?

A Top Senior Living Recruiter Builds Teams

The senior living industry is in a period of innovation, trying to overcome stale perceptions and attract the next generation of residents. Strategies like data-driven marketing and finance, customer-focused sales processes, and wellness-oriented operations dominate current senior living trends. To find innovative leaders that can create these changes in operations, finance, and marketing, communities are… Read more »

Influencer Marketing for Hotels: The Dos and Don’ts

Influencer Marketing can be useful for hotels if they follow these dos and don'ts

Influencer marketing has a mixed reputation in the hotel industry. Many hotels are weary of imposters with delusions of grandeur trying to score free hotel stays at luxury resorts. Thankfully, the rate of imposter influencers like these has slowed significantly in the last few years. The role of influencers has evolved, and the influencer marketing… Read more »

Common HR Mistakes for Restaurant Owners to Avoid

There are two things that most small restaurant owners have in common. The first is that they are passionate about the restaurant industry. The second is that they are incredibly busy. Sometimes, these two traits make it easy for some essential, but less exciting, business functions to fall through the cracks. For example setting up… Read more »

Five Ways Hotels are Adding Value for Guests

hotels must find a way to add more value to the guests' stays.

Travel demand is surging, yet hotels are handling more dissatisfied guests than ever before. What’s causing the trend? The biggest complaints are not about quality of service or cleanliness (in fact, satisfaction in these areas has risen). The biggest concern guests have is the value they receive for the price. While room rates do not… Read more »

Is your Country Club’s Career Page Turning Away Talent?

Five tips for a career page that converts casual job seekers into candidates

Believe it or not, ninety-two percent of online job applications go unfinished by candidates. That is a staggering figure for any business trying to keep teams staffed. For industries like country clubs, which already deal with a limited talent pool, it is also problematic. What can clubs do when their career page is losing candidates… Read more »

How Senior Living Communities Can Improve Employee Retention

How senior living can increase employee retention

In a recent survey of senior housing operators, ninety percent of respondents reported current staffing shortages! Yes, attracting new talent is key to staying staffed. However, senior living communities should consider putting the bulk of their time and energy into retaining their existing employees. How can senior living leaders create a workplace that fosters loyal… Read more »

Insightful Solutions to Reservation No-Shows

If you work in the restaurant industry, we don’t need to tell you how irritating, and usually financially detrimental, reservation no-shows are. It can throw operations out of balance and often creates staff resentment toward diners. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are several ways you can control the rising rate of reservation no-shows.… Read more »