Innovative Techniques for Hotels to Optimize Room Rates, Occupancy, and Revenue

In the competitive world of hospitality, one of the most critical challenges of hotel professionals is balancing room rates with occupancy levels. Striking the right equilibrium requires a keen understanding of market dynamics, customer behavior, and strategic pricing. Dynamic pricing, or yield management, involves adjusting room rates in real-time based on supply and demand, with… Read more »

The Rise of Remote and Hybrid Roles in Hospitality

According to Forbes, as of the end of last year, more than 12% of US workers are fully remote, and a whopping 28.2% have a hybrid work model. Simply type in “Remote Hospitality Jobs” into Google, and you’ll realize that the hospitality industry is no exception in the trend towards remote and hybrid work. This… Read more »

How “Data” Will Drive the Evolution of Senior Housing

The senior living industry, long pigeonholed as low-tech and behind the times, has begun to embrace the power of data. In response to the evolving resident needs, communities are seeking new solutions. Data is providing personalized resident experiences, improved transparency, and predictive care, the most competitive communities are using data to set themselves apart. Consider… Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of Restaurant Text Marketing

Restaurant operators looking for a cost-effective, simple, and highly effective marketing tool need look no further than the phones in their pockets. Text (SMS) marketing campaigns have already proven highly effective in retail and entertainment yet remain wildly underutilized in the restaurant industry. If used correctly, text marketing can keep restaurants’ customers engaged and provide… Read more »

Aging Leadership: 6 Tips for Finding a Hospitality Job after the Age of 50

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost forty percent of Americans aged 55 and older are active in today’s workforce. Yet this demographic consistently finds itself up against roadblocks when seeking new opportunities, particularly in the hospitality industry. Young hiring managers often hold misguided notions that older candidates can have too much experience, not… Read more »

How Private Clubs Can Provide Seamless Service During Renovations

The old business adage of “You’ve got to spend money to make money” has taken hold in the private club industry. A recent survey found that over half of private clubs plan to spend more on facility improvements this year. However, for these projects to pay off for clubs, they must not let member satisfaction… Read more »

The Latest Restaurant Technology Trends: What’s Working and What Isn’t

Restaurant worker using technology

Restaurant technology development has taken off at an unprecedented pace in the last five years. Technology companies touted everything from flashy robots to sophisticated operating systems as “the next big thing” in restaurants. However, rapid development also means growing pains. Which of these restaurant technology trends are living up to expectations, and which trends simply… Read more »

How Hotels Can Make Employee Childcare Benefits a Reality

The most competitive hospitality employers never stop asking themselves “How can we attract and keep the best hotel employees?” Competitive salary and healthcare benefits tend to be the first strategies that come to mind, but a recent statistic presents another opportunity. According to the Bank of America Institute, the average household cost of childcare has… Read more »

4 Mistakes Hospitality Employers Make When Conducting a Confidential Search

Having an easily recognizable employer brand is invaluable to hospitality companies seeking to attract candidates. However, some hiring situations require a more discrete approach. Whether a hospitality company wants to limit the number of unqualified candidates, shield business plans from competitors, or minimize operations disruptions during executive turnover, confidential searches can be a valuable strategy.… Read more »