The Latest Restaurant Technology Trends: What’s Working and What Isn’t

Restaurant worker using technology

Restaurant technology development has taken off at an unprecedented pace in the last five years. Technology companies touted everything from flashy robots to sophisticated operating systems as “the next big thing” in restaurants. However, rapid development also means growing pains. Which of these restaurant technology trends are living up to expectations, and which trends simply… Read more »

How Hotels Can Make Employee Childcare Benefits a Reality

The most competitive hospitality employers never stop asking themselves “How can we attract and keep the best hotel employees?” Competitive salary and healthcare benefits tend to be the first strategies that come to mind, but a recent statistic presents another opportunity. According to the Bank of America Institute, the average household cost of childcare has… Read more »

4 Mistakes Hospitality Employers Make When Conducting a Confidential Search

Having an easily recognizable employer brand is invaluable to hospitality companies seeking to attract candidates. However, some hiring situations require a more discrete approach. Whether a hospitality company wants to limit the number of unqualified candidates, shield business plans from competitors, or minimize operations disruptions during executive turnover, confidential searches can be a valuable strategy.… Read more »

5 Strategies to Build Trust as a Hospitality Employer

“Trust is the highest form of human motivation. It brings out the very best in people.” – Stephen R. Covey For hospitality employers looking for the magic ingredient for motivating their teams, they can look no further than trust. Trust improves retention, productivity, and morale. Without it, employees will quickly leave, or worse, stick around… Read more »

The Power of “We”: Why Inclusive Hotel Workplaces See More Success

Hotel human resources and executive teams can make the best-laid plans for diversity initiatives, but they will never see success without truly inclusive hotel workplaces for their teams. This brings about two questions for hotel owners – “What does it mean to be inclusive?” and “Why should I care?”. Inclusive workplaces consist of employees who… Read more »

How to Tell if Your Country Club Marketing is Stuck in the Rough

Most likely, your country club takes pride in its storied history and deep-rooted traditions. However, this commitment to tradition shouldn’t extend to your marketing tactics. To attract new demographics and engage existing members, your club should keep its communications and messaging fresh. Not sure if your country club marketing is falling behind? Here are a… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Dynamic Pricing for Restaurants

The hottest topic of discussion at industry conferences lately has been dynamic pricing for restaurants, a data-backed strategy that adjusts menu prices on demand. This strategy, also known as “surge pricing”, has been successful in other industries like ride-sharing and airlines, but its implementation in the restaurant industry is still up for fiery debate. Here… Read more »