Robotic Butlers and Other Hospitality Trends to Get Excited About


Just when you think you’ve seen everything in hospitality technology, along come additional innovations in the form of robotics, virtual reality and smart technology. What shows promise for your business and what should you keep an eye on? Will being an early adopter help you to remain ahead of the competition?

Consider these innovations:

Robotic Butlers

Guests who stay in Silicon Valley area hotels may find their needs served by an employee with an uncanny resemblance to R2D2. Botlr is an autonomous robot created by California-based robotics company Savioke. This robot butler remains in its charging dock until called upon to deliver towels, toothbrushes, morning coffee and more to guests. Is this the future of hospitality or just a novelty? Only time will tell.

Virtual Postcards

Marriott hotels have introduced an innovation they are calling “VR Postcards.” VR Postcards are immersive 3D travel adventures that users can enjoy via a virtual reality headset. Each story places the user in the virtual shoes of a traveler. The realistic, 360 experiences can make users feel like they are really there at the remote location from the comfort of their hotel room. VR Postcards Marriott is currently offering include the Andes, Rwanda and Beijing.

Smart Hotel Room

Now that many people have grown accustomed to living in a connected home, they expect the same modern conveniences when they travel. Some hotels, such as Hilton, make this wish a reality. The most common practice is to offer an app that guests can download that will control things like climate control, lighting and entertainment and can even be used as a room key.

Will You Adopt Any of These Trends?

To be successful, you need both the technology and a team that can help you make the most of it. Horizon Hospitality can help you recruit the talent you need to stay ahead of the competition. Our hotel recruiters are true industry experts. They can help you keep up to date on the latest innovations and connect you with in-demand tech-savvy candidates.



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