Which Hotel Technology Provides a WOW Guest Experience?


There is no shortage of technology available for hotels now, but which of the many available options are going to deliver a WOW experience for the guest? Begin by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. What do they want most?


Guests want to check in and out when it suits them. They don’t want to stop at the front desk when they are tired, bogged down with luggage or late for a meeting. People have grown accustomed to doing almost everything on their smartphones from shopping to communicating via text and social media. Increasingly, people even pay for goods and services with their phones. By automating this part of the guest experience, your staff is free to focus on guest interactions. They will have more time to go above and beyond if they are not tasked with the basics.

Ease of Use

Some of the newest and most promising developments include fingerprints or smartphone apps to replace room keys. This is a win-win advance. Guests don’t have to keep track of room keys and you don’t have to worry about buying plastic key cards and keying and deactivating them. It improves security by better controlling who has access to guest rooms.


Technology exists that can personalize the guest experience from the airport to the room. By leveraging available technology, a guest can be greeted by name at their door. The room can be set to their ideal temperature and any amenities they request via a smartphone app can be waiting for them upon entry. Digital room art can be customized to feature a favorite photo or even a treasured child’s drawing. Guest can further adjust the room to their preferences via voice activation.

Providing a WOW to your guests does not always mean doing something flashy and over the top. Often, it’s just a matter of making their experience seamless, simple and a little closer to being at home. Create an experience where the guest doesn’t have to think about details so they can focus on having a productive and enjoyable trip.

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