How to Make ChatGPT Your Hospitality Resume’s New Best Friend

How to use ChatGPT for your resume

What resources can you use to create an attention-grabbing resume? Having a friend or colleague proofread your resume is always a great idea. But when many large companies utilize technology to receive and screen resumes, wouldn’t it make the most sense to introduce your resume to cutting-edge technology first? Resume, meet ChatGPT!

You don’t need to be a tech wiz to use this tool. Just gather some basic work history, fire up the free ChatGPT on your browser, and start a chat:

Find Your Starting Point

While ChatGPT cannot create a finished resume for you, it can give you ideas of where to start. Ask “What do I include in a resume for [Insert Your Target Role]?” The results will give suggestions for each section of a resume. With that framework in mind, you can gather the right information about your history like dates, property names, certifications, and education.
If you already have a resume, you can simply copy and paste it into a chat and ask for feedback. But you might find the following steps are a helpful exercise in your interview preparation.

Identify the Relevant Skills

Next, you need to tailor your information to the job you are looking for (if you are not convinced you need to tailor your resume, read this blog). Search online job boards and company career pages for jobs you want to apply for. Then, copy and paste the full job ads into ChatGPT’s chat box. You can ask it to tell you the most important or common required skills needed for those roles. Not only does this give you an idea of what information to focus on when listing your own skills, but it gives you a starting block for your interview preparation.

Spotlight Your Experiences

Specific skills are essential for resumes, but showing how you have developed and used these skills is what will truly qualify you for the job. Ask ChatGPT to suggest qualifications and how you should highlight them for the target role. Focus on any prompts for which you can provide examples and quantifiable results that followed.

Create Results-Driven Statements

The most effective resumes have knock-out summaries at the top of their resumes. Using the same chat thread from all the previous steps, ask ChatGPT to suggest a few results-driven statements or objective statements based on your provided resume or answers to previous prompts. ChatGPT will then generate compelling summaries of your qualifications that will catch the attention of hiring managers. Use these as your summary or objective section or incorporate them into other areas of your resume.

Put it all Together

ChatGPT will not magically transform this information into a flawless final resume. Copy and paste the skills, qualifications, and achievements you gathered in your earlier research and conversation with ChatGPT into a basic resume template. It should look professional and simple (we have some great resume templates available on our interview preparation page). Because ChatGPT is not immune to occasional mistakes, run the final resume through a different grammar-check software (we love Grammarly) just to be safe.

Ask More Questions

Remember that ChatGPT cannot read your mind! If you are not getting information that feels specific or helpful, keep asking more specific questions. It will continue to build on earlier parts of the conversation to reframe and hone its answers. Also, keep in mind that ChatGPT is not foolproof. It can occasionally make mistakes, so read through the answers thoughtfully before using them and make sure they are an honest depiction of your background.

Start Your Hospitality Career Search

While ChatGPT is a powerful tool for job seekers, it does have its limitations. It cannot provide personal experiences, industry expertise, or current trends. Getting your resume into the hands of experienced hospitality recruiters gives you the best chance at finding the right place to take the next step in your career. Create a profile with us or apply directly to hospitality opportunities here.



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