Should You Tailor Your Resume for Each Hospitality Job Application? Yes!

Take the time to edit your resume for each specific job. Your career will thank you.

Employers spend an average of seven seconds initially scanning a resume. How can your resume possibly make an impression in such a small window of time? Do you cram as much information onto the page as possible, hoping to impress them with the sheer volume of bullet points? Not exactly.

Here are five reasons you should take the time to carefully curate the information on your resume and tailor it for each job you apply for:

  • Limits Distracting Details
  • Makes Relevant Experience Stand Out
  • Showcases Your Results
  • Forces you to Double-Check Yourself
  • It’s Excellent Interview Preparation

Limits Distracting Details

Many hospitality hiring managers are juggling their day-to-day business while also looking at resumes. You don’t want to make them hunt for the information they need. While you don’t want to create gaps in your resume, limiting the information about experiences irrelevant to the opportunity at hand helps hiring managers to find what they are looking for.

Makes Relevant Experience Stand Out

Once you have minimized unnecessary details, your relevant work experience can shine through. You can provide more details like unique aspects of your previous roles, property types, size of teams, etc. With the extra space, you will also have more room to elaborate on your success.

Lets You Showcase Results

Numbers speak louder than words on resumes. In each of the experiences that you highlight, the most important thing to include is your successes and how you impacted the bottom line. When you take the time to learn about the opportunity and company you are applying for, you will know what results make the most sense to share.

Forces You to Double Check Yourself

No one is perfect, and mistakes happen on resumes. But you never get a second chance at first impressions, so take the time to look over your resume before each application. This reduces the chances of including out-of-date information, factual errors, or typos.

It’s Excellent Interview Preparation

Hiring managers always want to see candidates who have done their homework. Social media, Glassdoor, and company websites are excellent places to start. Consider even visiting the property to get a feel for the atmosphere. And of course, read the job ad carefully. When you research the opportunity before you even submit your resume, you’ll be well prepared for your first interview, even if it’s this afternoon.

Work with a Hospitality Recruiter

First impressions mean everything, so make sure you are putting your best foot forward. When you work with our hospitality recruiters, they will provide expert and candid suggestions to make your resume jump out to hiring managers. Meet the Horizon Hospitality team here!

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