5 Ways the Hospitality Industry is Responding to “The Great Resignation”

While “The Great Resignation” has hit the Hospitality industry the hardest, with almost double the worker quit rate of any other industry, hiring has stayed steady. This means that some hospitality employers are finding success in the hiring market. So what are these companies doing differently that is attracting candidates?

Here is what we have seen that is working:

  • Increasing Pay
  • Prioritized Employee Wellness
  • Leaning on Technology
  • Cutting the Red Tape
  • Diversifying Recruitment

Pay Increases

The hospitality industry historically has had the lowest salaries of any industry. This, combined with historic inflation rates, make it no wonder that hospitality workers are looking for other options. In response, hospitality companies across the board are raising wages and offering bonuses. Companies who are up to date on how their pay compares to their competitors’ have seen the best success in attracting workers. Check out the most recent edition of Horizon Hospitality’s Compensation and Benefits Guide.

Expanding Benefits

After being furloughed, unemployed, or transitioning to a new industry, hospitality workers have reassessed the industry’s ability to meet their mental and physical health. Multi-faceted benefits packages have gone from “nice-to-have” to “must-have” for candidates. For workers who stepped back from work to care for children, daycare assistance is especially popular. Companies offering benefits like flexible time off, tuition reimbursement, and mental health care are attracting job seekers that want to know they have support.

Leaning on Technology

Employers are doing whatever they can to alleviate the stresses facing front-line workers. Technology is less of a bonus and more of an essential operational tool for hospitality companies. Adopting self-serve kiosks has reduced the need for many customer-facing positions like front desk associates at hotels and waitstaff at quick-serve restaurants. Many technologies can also reduce the risk of transmitting and catching COVID, which is still a concern for many hospitality workers.

Cutting the Red Tape

Application processes with multiple in-person interviews are losing candidates quickly. Hiring managers who are prepared to negotiate and make a job offer on the spot have the upper hand in the talent competition. Employers who also treat current employees with the same sense of urgency are seeing lower turnover. Workers seeking pay raises or promotions are less willing to have a carrot dangled in front of them for too long.

Diversified Recruitment Processes

Traditional job boards and career pages are returning fewer qualified candidates. Email, social media, and content marketing to passive candidates now play a larger role in recruiting at hospitality companies. Employers are also focusing more on including their employees in the recruitment process. Referral programs with bonuses have engaged employees, and 25% of companies have even opened bonus opportunities to external referrers.

Almost every sector of the hospitality industry has been affected by “The Great Resignation.” If your hospitality business is struggling to find qualified hospitality candidates, it may be time to reach out to the experts. The recruiters at Horizon Hospitality can be a valuable resource for your hiring process. Contact us today to find out how our experienced team can find the top hospitality talent for your team.



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