Cannabis Tourism: Is Your Hotel Prepared?

The number of states allowing recreational cannabis use continues to grow. This, combined with the renewed zeal for traveling post-COVID has lead to a boom in Cannabis Tourism. Travelers are flocking to states where it is legal, leaving many hotels wondering how to balance this trend with their current operations. Here are some things hotels should consider when welcoming cannabis tourists.

Incorporate With Wellness Tourism

Many travelers already want to incorporate health and wellness into their plans. Cannabis’s stress-relieving qualities makes it a natural add-in to existing spa and wellness programs. Find instructors who can create yoga or meditation classes to complement a THC experience. Provide CBD-infused lotions and oils for massage and treatment options for a gentler retreat.

Compliment with Food and Beverage

THC infusions in fine dining are an exciting trend in food and beverage. But not every establishment is ready to go that route. Featuring CBD in cocktails and teas is a great way to subtly incorporate cannabis into your menu.

Also, consider how your food and beverage programs can complement cannabis use. These tourists will probably enjoy snacks a bit more than your average guests, and at odd hours too. Be sure your secondary outlets like café counters, outdoor bars, and room service are accessible and accommodating to a sudden case of the munchies.

Set Clear Policies

Many guests will be traveling from states where it is not legal, and are likely unsure of what is considered taboo. A hotel will need to establish crystal clear guidelines for consumption and possession on the property. Can it be consumed in guests’ rooms? Or only in designated areas? Is smoking of any kind allowed? Consider these questions and any other possible scenarios.

Once you create a plan, communicate it to guests before and during their stays. Be sure every member of your staff knows your policies like the back of their hand and feels supported by management in enforcing them. While you want to create a boutique experience for those looking to partake in cannabis, you still want to protect the hotel and other guests’ experiences.

Have the Right Leaders

The beauty of such a new industry is that each hotel can set the tone and give many guests their first experience in cannabis tourism. If hotels can maneuver the liabilities and policies, cannabis tourism can be a boon.

But they will need experienced management in place to navigate this trend. Learn how the hotel recruiters at Horizon Hospitality can help find professionals with the specific skills to navigate this trend. Find out how today.



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