Marijuana-Infused Drinks – Will This Become a Thing? Are You Ready for It?

As more states make marijuana legal on a medical or recreational basis, you may wonder if it’s time for you to consider adopting usage in your hotel and restaurant. Where can it be used and what is the best method to adding it to your menu? Marijuana-infused drinks in particular are gaining traction. Here are some ideas for getting in on the trend.

Marijuana contains two major components – CBD and THC. Keep in mind that as of this writing, the U.S. federal government still considers marijuana and marijuana derivatives to be illegal, but as more and more states legalize usage, there is increasing pressure to make it fully legal.

CBD does not have a psychoactive effect – it doesn’t get you high. It does have benefits in treating pain, inflammation, anxiety and a variety of conditions. THC, on the other hand, is known to alter your mental state. These definitions are important to keep in mind when considering usage.

Drinks featuring CBD are low risk, but those with THC can have unpredictable results. You never know if someone is having their first marijuana experience, in which case it could hit harder than anticipated. It is not legal in any state to combine THC and alcohol in a drink. The effects of each could be amplified in an unpredictable way.

How can you add marijuana components to the drinks you offer?

THC-spiked soda was introduced in California in 2016. The intoxicating effect is increased by the carbonation, so mix with plain soda or juice and make its impact easier to control.

Wines and beers are available that are brewed with hemp, hemp seeds or marijuana derivatives. They are commonly said to have an herbiness not normally found in these beverages.

Marijuana-infused liqueurs are another popular delivery method. Vodka tends to be the biggest player because it is mostly odorless and flavorless, offering a blank slate for experimentation.

Cannabis-infused coffees, teas, and cocoa are rising in popularity. Not everyone interested in jumping on the marijuana ingestion bandwagon is interested in consuming edibles. These beverages can be an easy entry into this growing trend.

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