What Will Travelers Actually Want from Hotels When They Return?

Travelers will want flexibility, safety, and technology from hotels after Covid-19

While the pandemic itself won’t be around forever, it will have some long-lasting effects on how travelers approach making their plans. Of course, sanitation and safety will be a major concern for travelers when they venture out to a hotel. But, what else will be at the top of hotel guests’ minds during, and even after, COVID-19?

Peace of Mind

Enhanced cleaning practices and social distancing have been at the forefront of hotel operator’s minds. And guests want to know about it! Many may still be feeling a bit uneasy about traveling, so letting them know how your cleaning standards are keeping them safe can help them relax and enjoy their trip. Consider featuring your safety standards and protocols into as many points of contact as possible: pre-booking marketing, during the booking process, and even during their stay.

Extreme Flexibility

With the constant ups and downs during the pandemic, making plans in advance has been next to impossible. Many travelers will be paying much closer attention to cancellation policies and hesitant to lock themselves into reservations that cannot be changed or canceled. To ease these worries, hotels can offer more flexible booking options, with lenient cancellation and refund policies.

Contactless Technology

Guests undoubtedly still appreciate face to face service, especially after being stuck at home for so long. However, they have come to expect seamless, contact free service to replace many interactions. Most hotels already use technology to automate many operations like check-in, check-out, and reservations. But guests may also appreciate having the added convenience and cleanliness of using their smartphones for things like room service and keyless entry.

Outdoor Amenities

Even when the risk of COVID-19 passes, people may be a bit hesitant to take their vacations to crowded spaces and indoor activities. Swimming pools, golf clubs, and outdoor dining will be key attractions for many travelers. If a hotel does not have these types of amenities, they could consider partnering with local venues to give guests access to some open-air fun.

A Friendly Face

After months of staying home, guests will appreciate a warm welcome and seamless service. Make sure your thoroughly educate your staff on any new operations and amenities, and that your management can lead by example. The hotel recruiters at Horizon Hospitality can help you rebuild your team with hospitality professionals who can provide the absolute best experience for guests. Get started today.



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