High-Touch Service Actually Means Touchless


Hotel managers seeking ways to enhance customer experience may find guests enjoy personalized service, but they don’t want to see it. In other words, they want you to be concerned about their welfare, but don’t want you hovering. Here’s how you can give your clients the kind of custom and seamless service they expect, encouraging them to return to your hotel again and again.

Today’s Guests Expect Magic, and It’s Up to You to Deliver It

Your strongest partner in this effort is the data you collect on guest behavior. For example, if a returning guest cannot get the same room, you can offer them a very similar room, maybe with a bit of an upgrade like a better view. This data can give you the opportunity to include the same little touches that made their last visit enjoyable ready for their return. If they requested extra towels or firmer pillows, have them in place upon arrival. If they made a dinner reservation at 7 p.m. for your hotel restaurant during their last stay, consider proactively setting one up for them.

Place Customization at Their Fingertips

While guests want things the way they want, they don’t want to ask a member of your team to accomodate their personal preferences. Since they’re probably on their mobile phones anyway, why not let them control their stays from there? Mobile concierge apps can enable guests to request services, place restaurant orders or provide feedback. Hotel managers can then respond quickly, and the guest’s loyalty membership can be updated to indicate their preferences.

Enhance the Experience With Technology

Sensors, beacons and geolocation can help you provide a unique guest experience. Room keys equipped with sensors can tell you where guests go and what services they use. The information this data provides can show you which services are being enjoyed and which are less popular. Bluetooth beacons can allow guests to use their smartphones for keyless entry. Linking technology with loyalty programs can enable hotel managers and staff to give members and VIPs an exceptional experience, personalized with custom greetings and offers.

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