Can Private Clubs Maintain Luxury but Move From “High Touch” to “No Touch”?

For years, private clubs have been synonymous with luxury, service, and socialization. Members expect attentive staff and look forward to a variety of in-person amenities like golf courses, pools, fitness centers, and dining outlets. But distancing measures due to COVID-19 have made “business as usual” incredibly difficult.

As clubs re-open, how can they preserve their iconic levels of service, but still embrace policies that promote safety?

Take Advantage of Technology

Dining outlets can take note from the restaurant industry and utilize technology to streamline the carry-out process. This could even be used to eliminate lines at amenities like snack-bars or cafés. Guests can order through their phones and grab their snacks from the counter. For amenities and equipment like towels, golf carts, and lounge chairs, members can notify staff of their arrival and those items can be prepped and waiting for members ahead of time.

Clubs could even consider adding a special touch to meal delivery. If there are a number of members that live nearby, staff can even zip around in golf-carts to deliver food.

Self-service where it makes sense

There are many services that guests can easily handle themselves, provided proper communication and preparation takes place. Create a simple sign-up and check-in process for guests to reserve time slots in at pools and fitness centers, so social distancing is less hectic.
Members can even pay for and check-in to their tee-times through a kiosk, allowing them to go straight to their first hole without staff involvement.

Re-envision your dining options

Private clubs with spacious grounds can take advantage of the season and move as much dining outdoors as possible. Clubs can even take advantage of reduced restaurant capacity by arranging tables and greenery to create private, intimate dining experiences. While the brunch buffet will have to be put on pause, dining outlets can still offer nightly themed or prix fixe menus to keep things exciting for members.

Keep Everyone Up to Date

Countless operational changes can mean an excess of information for staff and members to keep up with. Be sure to consistently update your members of upcoming changes through email and your club’s website. Having sufficient on-site communication is also key but be sure to keep signage and floor markings stylish and on-brand. To ensure there are no hiccups in service, educating your staff on the new procedures and policies will be of utmost importance. An online portal can keep staff updated in real-time and can also minimize the need for large group shift meetings.

Find the top Private Club Management

Having strong management who can think creatively and communicate clearly can help private clubs through uncertain times. The private club recruiters at Horizon Hospitality can help you find the culinary, operations, management professionals for your club. Find out how today.



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