Could a Prix Fixe, Pre-Paid Service Be the Answer to Your Restaurant Revenue Struggles?


No one needs to tell you how hard restaurants have been hit by the pandemic. But many have been able to rise to the challenge with takeout and delivery options. These have proven to be a win-win for restaurateurs and diners. But contact-free interaction and pre-paying have also allowed customers to enjoy dining-in at their favorite restaurants, without the risk of infection. Restaurants have been able to keep their businesses going and keep as many people as possible employed. The businesses that survive are the ones that can take a more creative approach.

Shifting from Takeout to In-House

As restaurants tentatively begin to open, owners and managers are turning their creativity to find ways to serve customers safely and hopefully profitably. One solution is a prix fixe, prepaid dining option. Prix Fixe is a substantially more efficient way to operate with limited capacity.

Take Control of Your Menu

Prix Fixe allows you to narrow meals to items that are popular and travel well.  Also, a limited menu means less waste and more efficient service. In this current economic climate, minimizing expenses becomes even more vital than normal in a restaurant setting. You are not trying to plan, prep, and purchase for an entire menu.

Guests Make Reservations and Pay in Advance

This prevents reservation no-shows. It also gives you better control over how long diners stay at a table. For example, you can schedule staggered seating ninety minutes apart. For example, schedule table one for 6 p.m. and table two for 6:15 p.m., and you’ll have time to sanitize the table and all high-touch areas before the next reservation is scheduled. Staggering them ensures that you don’t have to clean all of the tables at one time. Pre-pay means that contactless pay can continue, which is an advantage for both staff and customers.

Is Prix Fixe, Pre-Paid Service Right for You?

For this plan to be a success, you must realistically assess what diners in your area are willing to pay and how much each seat will cost you if you reopen with the burden of additional staff for cleaning. Some businesses may find that they are better off sticking with pickup and delivery than opening at 50 percent or even 25 percent capacity to accommodate social distancing best practices.

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