Two Areas to Focus on to Win the Airbnb Competition: Technology and Personalization


Airbnb is a growing threat to the hotel industry. Many people choose Airbnb for travel accommodations because they enjoy the homey experience it offers. It can make them feel less like a tourist at a destination and more like a resident. There are a couple of ways for hotels to approach this competition – compete on their terms or your own. For example, the difference that technology and personalization can make. 


One of the advantages of Airbnb is the ease of booking accommodationsThey offer a simple app where travelers can search and reserve with a few clicks. Is it just as simple to book a room at your hotel? It should be if you wish to compete.  

Hotels can offer much more than an Airbnb can through advanced technology. Show your guests a wow experience through cutting edge technology often not available in an Airbnb. Hotels can offer options such as keyless entry, temperature, and even décor control as well as the ability to order room service, book spa appointments or reserve a table for dinner.  


The home-like experience offered by Airbnb can be both a blessing and a curse. Guests may have use of a full house or apartment, which makes it feel personal, but they may share the space with the owner or other guests, which can be awkward. While the comforts of home sound good, is it ideal for someone on vacation? Differentiate your hotel by discussing the amenities that you offer such as housekeeping, room service, breakfast, spas and fitness centers, and on-site restaurants and bars 

Keep in mind that there are no real checks and balances on the quality of the accommodations other than reviews and ratings. Because they are private residences, for the most part, Airbnbs are unregulated. They are not held to any security or fire safety standards. There is no recourse if their reservations are canceled, while most hotels will go out of their way to try to accommodate guests when there is a problem. With Airbnb, there is no reception, housekeeping or room service provided, guests are expected to clean before they leave. They don’t even accumulate credit card points like they can in a hotel. 

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