How to Encourage Hotel Guests to Share Photos on Instagram

Instagram can be an amazing resource for your hotel – promoting your brand and making your hotel a go-to destination. Of courseestablishing an Instagram marketing strategy of your own is essential. For example, sharing and encouraging your employees to share photos from behind the scenes can be fun and engaging. But happy guests can be your best advertisers. 

Here’s how you can make your guests part of your Instagram marketing team.  

Encourage Guests to use Instagram. 

Some individuals have no problem standing on a chair to take a picture of their dinner or taking a selfie just about anywhere. Others may feel a bit self-conscious. If you let them know that you welcome their posts, they may feel a bit freer to get creative 

Share your Wi-Fi password. 

Don’t take the chance that guests may be preserving their data and not eager to waste it. If they can hop on your network, they may be more willing to share frequently 

Create a hashtag. 

Make an engaging hashtag that reflects your brand. Check to be sure that the hashtag you’d like to use is not being heavily used by a competitor or in unrelated posts. Begin using it in your own pictures to attract attention. Post it in your marketing so that guests know that it is welcomed. 

Be insta-worthy. 

Go the extra mile to create dishes that deliver a WOW. If you have a great view, keep it free of obstructions. Take a walk around the hotel and identify areas likely to photograph well.  

Make selfie stations. 

Choose a few locations throughout your hotel you’d like to highlight. These are great places to share your hashtags in a fun and engaging way to attract the attention of Instagrammers. A strategically placed small chalkboard or light box sign are fun and trendy choices. 

Host an Instagram scavenger hunt. 

Ask guests to post photos in specific categories to their accounts with hashtags. This is a great way to encourage people to post multiple pictures.  

Offer a prize. 

Enter tagged photos into a drawing for a prize, such as a meal, spa service or free overnight, depending on the level of engagement and how much you’re willing to spend. 

Feature a guest. 

Choose posts to regram on your own site each day so they can be recognized and gain followers. Who knows, you may even gain the attention of major influencers who can bring significant attention to your hotel. 

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