What’s Better – Not Hiring or an Imperfect Hire?


When hiring for your restaurant or hotel, it can be tough to balance the need to get open positions filled ASAP and the wisdom of taking the time to make sure you get it right the first time. And who can blame you? A bad hire can cost as much and two and a half times their salary to replace.  

But what is the cost of leaving the position unfilled?  

If your team is left without effective leadership, it can result in lost productivity and poor morale. Other team members will be required to pick up the slack, leading to burnout and possible attrition. It can be tempting to leave no stone unturned to find just the right person, but is that pursuit of perfection worth the cost? 

How can you find balance? 

Clarify expectations. All recruiting efforts must begin by clarifying expectations for the position. If you are working from a legacy job description, you may find there are requirements that no longer apply, or new traits or skills needed that may not have been considered previously.  

Shorten time-to-fill. Be more efficient in your hiring process. Use referrals or reach out to your network to find individuals you know are qualified. Work with a recruiting firm able to leverage their hiring acumen to get accurate results faster. 

Speed up the training process. A streamlined process can get new employees up to speed faster, allowing you to hire a promising candidate who may need some guidance to be effective on the job. A robust training program can also make hiring from within an option. You can then recruit for the position vacated by the promoted individual which may be easier to fill.  

Broaden your reach. You may be surprised by what you find. Consider candidates outside the industry. If you find individuals with the attitude, aptitude and soft skills to succeed, you can train them in the particulars of the industry or your business. This investment in a little extra training can pay dividends in loyalty, engagement and retention. 

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