Transparent Communication in the Job Application Sets Your Hospitality Company Apart

In a highly competitive hotel recruiting market, communication is key. There are so many places in the application process where you can lose track of candidates. It’s vital they know where they stand every step along the way if you want to keep them engaged. Here’s how you can set your company apart.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Jobseeker

If you’ve looked for a job in the last few years, you know what it’s like to apply online for a job.

  • You gather all your information and answer page after page of questions about your skills, background and experience, press enter and then what? Maybe you get an acknowledgement that it was received maybe you don’t get anything back at all.
  • And if you don’t get any sort of response, is that because they aren’t interested or did the application not go through. Who knows?
  • A survey conducted by Talent Management & HR indicates that 77 percent of job applicants receive no communication at all from employers after applying for a posted job opening.

How do you think your hotel management recruits feel? Some candidates may be assertive enough to follow up, but more likely they’ll just move onto another employer, assuming you are not interested in pursuing them.

How can you avoid losing candidates in the application process?

  • Provide complete instructions. The introduction to the application should set realistic expectations. If applicants should get an auto-response upon entry, tell them what to do if they don’t. If they should expect a call within two weeks if you are interested, make that clear as well.
  • Personalize your auto-responder. Most online applications will allow you to customize the email candidates get upon completion of the application. Refer to them by name. Tell them what to expect next if they will be under consideration for an interview and if they won’t. If you need additional information from them, give them clear instructions on what you need and how to provide it.
  • Reach out to people quickly. Stay on top of incoming applications. Get desirable candidates on your calendar for a phone or in-person interview as soon and possible. For those who are not a great fit, get responses out as soon as possible so they know where they stand. Even among those who are not considered for hire, 90 percent of candidates who feel they were treated with courtesy and a personal touch would encourage others to join the company in the future.

Partner With a Leading Hotel Recruiter Today

The experts at Horizon Hospitality can help you optimize your application process so you attract the best possible candidates and keep them engaged throughout the hiring process. When you’re ready to hire a hotel general manager or high-level hotel corporate executive, the industry-experienced professionals at Horizon Hospitality can help. Contact our hotel recruiters today to learn more.



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