Taking Health at Your Hotel to the Next Level


Travel has changed over the years – or at least travelers have. Where road warriors were once happy to leave their fitness routines behind – or at best, toss a pair of running shoes into their suitcase – today they are more likely to continue their fitness regimens uninterrupted no matter where work or play takes them.

According to Hotel News Resource, the wellness tourism industry is currently estimated at $563 billion. Why leave money on the table by ignoring this growing trend?

Target fitness-focused guests

Some people book trips wholly or partially around fitness. How can your hotel take advantage of the wellness tourism industry?

Update your facility.

Big picture – if you’re considering updates to your hotel, think about your fitness room. Let’s face it. Most hotel fitness centers are a little sad. Often there’s little more than an outdated treadmill and a few hand weights. It won’t take much to update the area. Consider upgraded, yet space-saving workout equipment, add plenty of light and update flooring, perhaps with rubberized mat instead of carpeting.

Think more creatively.

No room for a fitness center? No worries. Offer in-room items guests can borrow such as yoga mats, stretchy bands or hand weights. Alternatively, rather than trying to accommodate healthy tourism on property, partner or barter with local businesses such as spas, yoga studios or fitness studios. You may not have the space for a full fitness facility in your hotel, but you can provide short-term passes to a local gym.

To supplement their workouts or exercise classes, providing guests with health-conscious breakfast selections will make them feel truly appreciated. Fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, granola and other powerful health foods leaves a lasting impact with your health-conscious guests.

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