Why Your Employee Value Proposition is Critical for Hiring Exceptional Hospitality Talent

Imagine interviewing a perfectly qualified candidate for a hard-to-fill hospitality position at your company. Now imagine they ask, “Why should I want to work for your company?”. Would you be able to provide a compelling answer? While not many candidates would be bold enough to ask that question, companies trying to attract the best talent should make the answer obvious to any candidate who applies. The companies with the most successful hiring and retention cultures are those with solid Employee Value Propositions (EVP). Consider the following reasons why a solid EVP will draw qualified hospitality candidates to your company:

It Creates an Immediate Employer Brand

An Employee Value Proposition should act as a company’s elevator pitch to candidates. What benefits will they receive by working there today, and how will their career grow at your company? You may not be able to address every small perk a candidate negotiates for, but a compelling EVP early in the interview process can help candidates look past minor compensation package details and want to join the team anyway.

It Presents Benefits Holistically

We always suggest that our clients share compensation and benefits offerings early in the recruitment process to attract more candidates. However, this only provides a snapshot into a single position, missing the bigger picture of a candidate’s total career arc at a company.
The most competitive companies can effectively tie those tangible benefits into a bigger company vision. Whether your company culture focuses on professional development, work-life balance, or social responsibility, candidates should be able to see benefits and perks that have a long-term alignment with the company.

Relevant to All Employees Regardless of Status

The hospitality industry attracts a wide range of job seekers. Whether a candidate is looking for simple part-time work or their next foothold on the way up the corporate ladder, your EVP should speak to all employees. The most valuable employers can continually support and develop careers even when their goals evolve and shift.

Shows that Your Hospitality Company Has Direction

Like hot menu items or hip travel destinations, human resources and talent acquisition are also susceptible to fleeting trends. Just look at the recent back-and-forth on remote-work policies. By setting an employee value proposition, company leadership can avoid knee-jerk policies and can create consistent guidelines with transparency that employees can get behind.

Work with Hospitality Hiring Experts

A strategic partnership with hiring experts in the field of Hospitality can bring direction and success to your talent acquisition strategy. The recruiting leaders at Horizon Hospitality have years of recruiting experience and will take a consultative approach to solve your hiring needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help grow your team.

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