5 Wellness Travel Trends Blurring the Line Between Hospitality and Healthcare

There is no doubt about it – the wellness travel industry is here to stay, showing steady growth since the end of the pandemic. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that travelers are now flocking in droves to traditional hotel gyms and beauty spas. Travelers want to leave hotels and resorts feeling more revitalized and healthier than when they arrived. The industry has responded by creating focused and highly personalized experiences that often include clinical treatments often only seen at specialized healthcare facilities. Here are some wellness travel trends that blur the line between the hospitality and healthcare industries.

IV Therapies

Whether guests are trying to recover from jetlag, get a quick skin glow, or boost their immunity, many luxury hotels now offer potent solutions. IV drips loaded with nutrients and vitamins have grown in popularity. They can be added to spa treatments, or on-staff IV therapists may even offer treatments in-room or poolside!

Cutting Edge Psychotherapy Treatments

Given that American stress levels are at record highs, it’s no wonder that many travelers are willing to try new strategies to improve their mental health while they travel. Hotel companies are partnering with mental healthcare networks to connect travelers with real therapists in virtual sessions during their stay if they desire.

Sleep Optimization

The standard recipe for a good sleep in a hotel room used to be a quality black-out curtain and some high thread-count sheets. Now, some hotels have introduced entire sleep programs, guided by trained sleep experts or even hypnotherapists to help guests find scientifically proven techniques to get some shut eye.

Specialized Physical Fitness

While most travelers have the best intentions of using a hotel gym during a vacation, those plans usually fall through. Programs aimed at helping guests get the most out of their stay offer pre-arrival fitness consultations and even body composition testing. One-on-one sessions with trainers help travelers address specific fitness needs and start healthy exercise habits.

Functional Food

It is unsurprising to find a high-end resort providing decadent meals cooked by world-class chefs. However, some luxury hotels are opting to add dieticians to their culinary teams. These licensed nutrition experts can work with guests to improve nutrition to address a host of issues like inflammation, poor sleep, or low energy.

Hotels and Resorts Need Recruiters with Cross-Industry Experience

As the wellness travel industry evolves, so too do the staffing needs of hotels and resorts. In order to successfully adjust to the new direction of wellness travel, hotels must have the right staff in place. Our Hotel and Resort Recruiters have a network of experienced candidates in hospitality and spa operations. Contact us to learn how we can help your resort find the top wellness professionals.



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