How Generation Z is Already Impacting Membership at Country Clubs

Which generation has the most influence over how Country Clubs are evolving? Is it the Millennials, one of the fastest-growing groups of new golfers? Or is it Generation X (aged 42 – 57), which currently holds the highest utilization increase of Country Clubs? Or is it Generation Z, the current members’ children who can’t yet afford a membership? The most strategic clubs are focusing on impressing the latter, a notoriously ambitious group of young adults.

Here are the top Generation Z priorities that are already impacting Country Clubs strategies:

  • Desire Financial Security
  • Convenience at Their Fingertips
  • Social and Environmental Accountability

Desire for Financial Security

Having lived through two economic recessions already, Generation Z is a notoriously thrifty group who is already aggressively saving and investing their money. While this will give them greater spending power when they are older, their outlook on finances will make it tough to convince them to spend on nonessentials. Country clubs are creating ways to create more value early on, like providing remote workspaces, childcare, or wellness services. Strategies like tiered memberships will give Gen Z members more control over their spending.

Convenience at Their Fingertips

Since they have been able to walk, Gen Z has had access to powerful technology. Consequently, they demand information instantaneously. Gen Z needs to easily access information about the club. Private club investment in technology improvements is growing. Country clubs’ websites are becoming dynamic places for detailed and up-to-date information regarding memberships, menus, calendars, and amenities. Country clubs are finally exploring social media options outside of Facebook. Facility technology is upgrading in the form of Food and Beverage automation and golf practice technology.

Social and Environmental Accountability

94% of Gen Z believe that companies should address social and environmental issues. While many country clubs have already been striving for sustainable golf course models for years, it will be essential when it comes time to attract Gen Z members. Also, Generation Z prioritizes spending money on organizations with moral integrity. Country club leaders, especially at larger clubs, are investing more in DE&I initiatives, employee wellness, and community engagement.

It starts with Hiring Strategic Club Leaders

To show Generation Z that country clubs are ready to evolve to meet their needs, your club must have the right leaders. Find the Country Club managers who can think progressively and attract the next generation of club members. Horizon Hospitality has a team of Country Club recruiters with a vast network of club professionals and cutting-edge recruitment strategies. Contact us to learn more.



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