3 Reasons Why Country Clubs Need to Revamp Their Websites This Year

The COVID pandemic has gone on for almost two years, and clubs have not only survived: they have thrived. Partly due to a historic golf boom, partly from decreased competition in other hospitality industries, and partly from a large migration to the suburbs. But to truly take advantage of this perfect storm, most clubs need a digital facelift. Here is why:

Web Access is Expected

With the golf boom of 2020, country clubs saw an increase in interest from younger generations. Millennials and Generation X will be doing their research on clubs before joining, and they will do so online. Even the more mature generations have achieved a level of tech-savviness (baby boomers did invent the internet after all). If a club does not have a web presence that reflects the prestige of the property, maintaining momentum past the post-COVID surge will be tough.

Provides Flexibility for the Future

A website can be more than just a marketing landing page. It provides the opportunity for real functionality. Everything from paying dues to ordering food can be done through one website. Building up a webpage with flexible functionality gives clubs the option to easily bring new services and perks to their members.

Streamlines Automation

Clubs have not been immune to the staffing woes of the hospitality industry. Basic tasks like making dinner or tee-time reservations, paying dues, or shopping the pro-shop can integrate into a website. While a few members may still prefer these tasks to be done in person, the vast majority of the population has fully embraced the convenience of digitizing.

Boosts Talent Acquisition

Does your club have a careers page? Does it do more than just direct applicants to send a resume to a generic email address? 48% of candidate drop-off is due to unclear application processes. Post any positions you are hiring and include a quick job description and compensation range. Make the process simple and, ideally, smartphone-friendly. Not everyone has a resume ready to share. Get some basic information through a short website form to get the process started and follow up with an email confirmation.

Find Innovative Club Leaders

The private club industry is at a crossroads, and clubs must capture the renewed public interest. Our country club recruiters can find the marketing leaders to help your clubs edge out the competition. Contact us today to learn how.



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