How to Tell If Your Hotel Staff Training Program is Working

Find the right metrics to measure your hotel staff training program

Whether you are trying to maintain a high level of service or turn around a poor bottom line, hotel employee training is crucial to running a successful property. Effective hotel staff training programs can increase profitability, help with talent acquisition, and improve employee engagement. Here are four metrics to assess whether your hotel’s training program is working:

Guest Satisfaction Scores

Guest satisfaction is a direct reflection of most hospitality service training. Effective training should empower employees to exceed guest expectations, leading to positive reviews and repeat business. Guest satisfaction scores post-training are strong indicators that the team is applying their new skills effectively. Be sure to collect guest surveys consistently and throughout a guest’s journey to get the most accurate picture of your team’s performance.


Bottom-line numbers are a great way to get quantitative data proving your training programs’ tangible ROI. Audits can be helpful in a variety of departments, not just finance teams. Has training for the culinary team resulted in more efficient inventory and waste management? Is your marketing team able to get a better ROI on their campaigns? Ensure that you are looking at data points that are meaningful and relevant for each department. Gather data for individuals as well as departments from before training programs so you have a baseline to compare to.

Turnover/Absenteeism Rates

Studies show that companies with effective training programs have a 34% higher retention rate. If your turnover rate has remained the same or risen since implementing your training program, you may want to reassess your program. Does it add undue stress to employees’ workloads, or does it fit in with existing workflows? Is leadership following up with staff training and leading by example? Is the content valuable and accessible? Training programs should support your team’s performance, not create burnout.

Employee Feedback

While quantitative data from audits and guest surveys provide hard evidence of training success, leaders must keep employee input and morale in mind. Conducting surveys throughout training modules can be effective, but also encourages supervisors to conduct regular one-on-ones during training programs. These training modules should instill confidence and empowerment in your teams, which is difficult to measure without first-hand observation.

Have the Right Hotel Leadership in Place

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