What the Latest Hospitality Design Trends Mean for Hotel Project Managers

The latest trends in travel have brought sustainability, technology, and wellness to the forefront of every hotel owner’s mind. Not only do these trends demand that daily operations create a personalized guest experience, but physical facilities must also transform. When beginning hotel renovations, new developments, and technology upgrades, what do today’s project managers now need to consider? Here are four trends that will be at the top of their minds:

Sustainability is King

Guests are actively seeking eco-conscious destinations on their next trip. Emissions and sustainability must be at the top of the project managers’ minds during any renovation. Not only does this mean they must source eco-conscious materials like solar panels, LED lighting, and recyclable building resources, but the carbon footprint of the supply chain needs to be considered as well. Hotel project managers must be able to track and communicate to guests and stakeholders how these renovation projects stay in line with sustainability initiatives.

The Desire to (Sometimes) Unplug

While the recent boom in hotel technology is exciting (voice assistants, in-room exercise, room service robots) many travelers are eager to unplug and not think about technology for a while. Any technological upgrades need to be thoughtfully implemented. Project leads working on any hotel technology upgrades must think creatively to discreetly incorporate technology into rooms without making guests feel tied to any device.

Wellness is not just for the Hotel Spa or Gym

Wellness travel is a growing sector of the hospitality industry. Many hotels are seeking ways to expand their wellness offerings beyond the hotel spa or workout facilities. Hotel renovations must include ways that guests can effortlessly maintain a healthy lifestyle. Water purification systems, in-room exercise zones, and ergonomic workstations are all options that project managers must consider when updating facilities.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Experiential travel is a major buzzword for 2023. This means that guests want to feel immersed in the locations and communities they travel to. Branded properties must find ways to incorporate local architecture and culture into their designs. In hotel renovations, project managers must find ways to incorporate textiles, colors, and even vendors and artisans that represent the local community.

Collaboration is Key

Having the right people to lead any hotel project is vital. Contact the experienced hotel recruiters at Horizon Hospitality to find the top leaders in hotel project management, as well as operational, corporate, and sustainability specialists. Learn more today!



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