What Do the Top Senior Living Recruiters All Have in Common?

A Top Senior Living Recruiter Builds Teams

The senior living industry is in a period of innovation, trying to overcome stale perceptions and attract the next generation of residents. Strategies like data-driven marketing and finance, customer-focused sales processes, and wellness-oriented operations dominate current senior living trends. To find innovative leaders that can create these changes in operations, finance, and marketing, communities are turning to the many senior living executive search firms that have entered the market. However, when there are dozens of firms offering their expertise, how do senior living communities find the best recruiting partner for their needs?

Collaboration as a Rule

If two heads are better than one, then an entire team is the best. The best recruiting firms won’t silo a search to a single office or create competition for candidates among their recruiters. They will have a structure that encourages collaboration so that no stone goes unturned when you are trying to fill the most unique positions in your senior living community.

Extensive Resources

When selecting a recruiting partner, be sure they can do more than simply toss resumes your way. They should be able to provide a variety of resources to help qualify candidates, like reference checks, personality and skills assessments, and background checks. The best recruiting firms have a “do-what-it-takes” attitude. They cold-calling competitors, reach out on social media and dig deep into existing networks.

Cross-Industry Networks

While recruiting from your direct competitors within the senior living industry is one option for a senior living recruitment strategy, it is by no means the only way to go. Many industries like restaurants, hotels, or fitness clubs have a network of talented professionals open to pivoting in their careers. Working with a recruiter with extensive candidate contacts in a multitude of industries will open new candidate pools for your senior living community.

A Wealth of Satisfied Clients

Reputation means everything in recruiting. The best recruiters have a list of previous clients willing to vouch for them. When researching recruiting firms, look for ones with a long list of verifiable client testimonials. Ask if there are any previous clients willing to talk to you about what it’s like working with them on a search similar to yours.

Not Afraid to Say No

Many firms will say yes to anything just to gain your business. But this can often lead to disappointment and wasted efforts. If you partner with a Senior Living Recruiter, they should take a consultative approach, advising on best practices for your community’s talent acquisition. They should provide insights into creating competitive compensation packages, interview structures, and offer negotiation.

Partner with Experienced Senior Living Recruiters

To stay competitive and ahead of industry changes, senior living communities need a recruiting partner who is willing to do the same. The Senior Living Recruiters at Horizon Hospitality have 25 years of expertise and constantly seek new and innovative recruiting tactics to help our clients stay ahead of the hiring curve. Contact our recruiting team today to learn more.

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