Five Ways Hotels are Adding Value for Guests

hotels must find a way to add more value to the guests' stays.

Travel demand is surging, yet hotels are handling more dissatisfied guests than ever before. What’s causing the trend? The biggest complaints are not about quality of service or cleanliness (in fact, satisfaction in these areas has risen). The biggest concern guests have is the value they receive for the price. While room rates do not seem to be falling any time soon, properties can take steps to help guests find more value in their stay, and keep coming back in the future:

Keep Fees Transparent

When guests are already price-conscious, they won’t appreciate being surprised with extra fees. One of the most important amenities factored into travelers’ hotel selections is the quality and availability of free Wi-Fi. If your property charges for Wi-Fi, it may be time to reconsider. Also, if your hotel can afford to provide services like overnight parking, room-safe use, or luggage storage for free, do it! If not, be completely upfront about all extra costs. Removing any barriers to travel necessities will keep guests from grumbling at the final bill.

Delight Guests with Details

Find ways to surprise and delight guests wherever you can. Consider leaving small desserts on the pillow or collaborating with local musicians for entertainment in the lobby or pool area. Greet guests with a bottle of water at check-in or offer one as they head out for the day. Even something as simple as calling up to the room after check-in to confirm that the room is in order can make a lasting impression on guests.

Loyalty Programs Are King

Economy and limited-service hotels have fewer options for providing more amenities or services to guests. However, they have found success with loyalty programs that can add to the value of each stay. Guests seem to be be more willing to stomach a higher room rate when they know it will go toward gaining extra perks in the future.

Reevaluate Rooms

No matter how clean a room is, guests still don’t appreciate rates climbing for rooms that are outdated, sparsely outfitted, or lacking hot water. While guests don’t expect a mid-range hotel room to look like the Ritz, they do expect adequate lighting, properly functioning plumbing, and the ability to have a peaceful night’s sleep. Many hotels are still financially recovering from the pandemic, but investments today in updated room fixtures can help a hotel stay competitive and keep a solid reputation in the long run.

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