Five Recruiting Tactics to Reboot Your Hotel’s Diversity Initiatives

Diversity starts with an unbiased recruitment process

The number of companies with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives skyrocketed in the last three years. However, these initiatives showed mixed results. Employees have noticed, and about one-third would consider quitting if their company did not make improvements in DEI this year. A great place for hotels to revitalize their diversity commitments is at the beginning of employees’ journeys with these five DEI recruiting tactics:

  • Blind Resumes
  • Expanded Talent Pools
  • Embrace Pay Transparency
  • Focus on Results
  • Create Strong Internal Pipelines

Find New Talent Pools

While employee referrals and online job boards are popular sources to find candidates, they can stall DEI hiring goals with unintentional biases. There are a variety of talent pools that hotels can turn to and widen their reach to different types of candidates. Hotels can try partnering with career development organizations like the AHLA Foundation, or find professional programs more local to the area. Even branching out through social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram can reach candidates who might not be active on LinkedIn.

Try Blind Resumes

Ensure that all applications receive equal consideration from hiring managers. Blind resumes can reduce unconscious bias by redacting specific details from resumes that could potentially sway a hiring manager’s view of the candidate. For example, removing the candidate’s name can help remove any bias around factors like gender or ethnicity. Companies can go a step further and redact home addresses or graduation dates to avoid biases against economic status or age. This ensures that interviews are granted based solely on merit.

Embrace Pay Transparency

Pay transparency is shown to reduce pay inequity across multiple demographics. While you may think your company’s pay structure is well-calibrated, you can’t be certain unless the company actively promotes pay transparency. Post clear-cut pay ranges in every job ad, and benefits and bonuses the position is eligible for. Not only will this promote pay equity, but it also creates a competitive employer brand.

Focus on Results

Not all candidates had the opportunity to get a degree from an elite school or work for a prominent employer. However, in hospitality, results are a better measure of talent than pedigree. Focus on finding candidates who have produced positive and tangible results, regardless of where those experiences were.

Strengthen Internal Pipelines

There is no shortage of diversity in the hotel industry. However, that diversity dwindles the higher up one goes in many hotel company ladders. Provide meaningful career support, professional education, and opportunities for advancement for all entry-level workers. Create an employer reputation for grooming leaders and providing opportunities.

Partner with Effective Hotel Recruiters

Keeping DE&I initiatives afloat requires participation and support from the entire leadership team. It also requires a concrete talent acquisition strategy. Our hotel recruiters use a variety of recruiting tactics that can support your company’s DEI goals. Contact us to learn more.



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