Why Hotels Need Emotional Marketing

How can hotels use emotional marketing to their advantage?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

In the modern travel industry, many branded hotel chains offer amenities and services indistinguishable from each other. So, hotels must set themselves apart. How? They can help guests tune out the overload of daily information and enjoy letting their intuition make travel choices.

Here are how hotels and their properties can use emotional marketing to turn the new generation of travelers into loyal guests:

Make it Personal

Feature stories like emotionally moving guest experiences or highlight a long-time employee to connect consumers to the property on a personal level before they even book. This connection can foster loyalty that extends to other properties within your brand.

Inspire a Transformation

The wellness travel trend is still going strong, as more travelers seek a feeling of transformation at the end of their trip. Instead of focusing on a specific list of wellness services and amenities, focus on how the guest wants to feel upon checkout. Are they trying to become more centered and relaxed? Are they looking for motivation and inspiration? Will a stay at your hotel expand their worldview? Find an emotional aspiration and paint a picture of guests achieving it.

Showcase Community Roots

Guests love to travel to places where people love to live. Showcase the local life as locals enjoy it, not just through a tourist’s lens. Many business travelers are extending their trips specifically to explore the destination. Help them imagine themselves becoming immersed in the local scene.

Inject Some Nostalgia

When most people think back to their favorite trips as children, trendy décor and amenities probably are not the highlights. They remember the feeling of wonder, excitement, and adventure of a new destination! For established hotel brands, it may mean tapping into some marketing campaigns from decades past. Newer hotels can tap into vintage pop culture. the promise of making those core memories that will be looked back on for years to come.

Connect with their Values

Consumers are more conscious of the world around them than ever before. They want to know that their dollars go to a company that aligns with their values. Find out what is important to your target demographic. Is it environmental sustainability? Showcase what your property does differently to offset emissions. Is it workers’ rights? Emphasize a positive work culture and how individual employees thrive at your company.

Find Guest-Focused Hotel Managers

The success of any emotional marketing campaign rests on building a connection with people. Find hotel leaders who can make those connections at every step of the guest’s journey. Our seasoned Hotel Recruiters at Horizon Hospitality know where to find the sales, marketing, and operational talent your properties need. Contact us to learn how!



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