Top hotel trends: Industry experts predict what’s ahead

[Scott Samuels, CEO of Horizon Hospitality shared with Revinate some of the top trends Hotels can expect next year]

“…For many hoteliers, a key piece of the technology puzzle is getting their data right. And it’s no wonder why.

‘Technology and data are a big focus for hospitality right now. It touches almost every aspect of the business: guest experience, back-of-house operations, loyalty program, marketing, in-room technologies, and revenue,’ explains Scott Samuels, CEO and Founder of Horizon Hospitality Associates…”

“…Increasingly, guests are thinking about rest and relaxation when planning trips. While this focus on wellness travel began a few years ago, it’s on the cusp of truly taking off in 2023…

‘We are seeing more and more unique hospitality companies like glamping resorts and wellness retreats that solely aim to provide experiences to unplug and recharge,’ Samuels says.”

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