Yes, Business Travel Will Return, But Is Your Hotel Ready?

Companies have finally returned to the office, and business travel will slowly but surely follow. But a recent survey by Deloitte has revealed some surprising trends for post-COVID business travel, and they have nothing to do with the safety protocols that have dominated business strategies in the last two years. What will your hotel need to do to signal to business travel planners that your property is ready to accommodate the new business traveler’s needs?

Assure Sustainability

Sustainability has been a large push in hotel marketing efforts to consumers. But in recent years, many businesses have made large and public, commitments to sustainability. One of the easiest ways for them to reduce their carbon footprint is to scale back travel for employees. So, hotels need to communicate their sustainability initiatives when negotiating with corporate travel teams. If they have not made any sustainability investments, now is the time to do so.

Appeal to “Return to Base” Travelers

Companies who stick with remote work often will require remote employees to travel back to headquarters for training. This “return to base” version of travel has created a new opportunity for individual properties to create lasting partnerships with locally headquartered businesses. Even in economy hotels, encouraging your staff to remember faces and create relationships with return guests can help build loyalty.

Encourage Bleisure to Stay on Property

Don’t limit your marketing to business travelers to only business-related amenities. Flexible work arrangements give travelers more opportunities to mix in pleasure with a business trip. Hotels can encourage guests to stay beyond their corporate meetings by offering special room rates for extra nights, free upgrades to larger rooms, or tickets to local events.

Facilitate Face-to-Face Interaction

Even though tech has made working with out-of-town clients just as productive, sales teams still rely on in-person interaction to build new relationships and cement existing ones. Since many companies have done away with brick-and-mortar offices, hotels are well-positioned to attract those companies with a variety of conference rooms or lounge spaces.

Guarantee Amenities

Corporate booking teams want assurance that their teams will have a quality hotel experience, so they want to know that certain amenities will be available. If your hotel has scaled back on shuttle service, free breakfasts, or free Wi-fi, they will need to return if companies are to see your property as a place they want to send their employees.

Recruit Talented Hotel Managers

Even though business travelers’ priorities have shifted, one thing will always be important: hospitality. Hotels that have an engaged and passionate team of hospitality-minded professionals will be able to consistently deliver the services that corporate travel planners are looking for. Learn how our hotel recruiters can find hotel management talent who can put your property ahead of the competition. Contact us today!



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