When Is It Time to Find Another Job?

The hospitality industry has no shortage of thrilling moments – it is what draws so many professionals to the job! But those thrilling moments sometimes involve angry guests or putting literal fires out, and can make even the most passionate hospitality professional look for greener pastures.

But a recent Joblist survey found that 31% of hospitality workers regret leaving their jobs last year. This makes one wonder – When is a bad day at work just a bad day, and when is it a sign that it is time to pack it in?

These are the four signs that it is time to make a change in your hospitality career:

  • Compensation is Stagnant
  • Perpetually Toxic Work Environment
  • Your Growth Has Stalled
  • No End to the Burn Out

Compensation is Stagnant

Inflation and a mass resignation have thrown hospitality salaries into a tailspin. Add to the mix that most companies are understaffed, and it can be easy to feel undervalued. Take a thorough assessment of your responsibilities, local cost of living, and current hospitality industry salary standards. If it comes up short and your employer is unwilling to budge on salary negotiations, consider exploring other options.

Perpetually Toxic Work Environment

During restaurant rushes and hotel busy seasons, it is natural for patience to occasionally wear thin among employees. But a work environment that is toxic year-round is a red flag. “Toxic” does not necessarily resemble an episode of a Gordon Ramsey television show either. If subtle problems like overly cliquey teams or management making morally questionable decisions are draining your mental health, it is time to find a hospitality company whose values align with yours.

Your Growth Has Stalled

Even if you are “happy” in your current role, are you being challenged? Many larger employers have a wealth of learning opportunities and mentorship programs to learn new skills and find new directions. Discuss with your leadership how you can expand your skills within the company.

But many hospitality companies do not have those resources. While it may be bittersweet, if there are no opportunities for growth or promotion, it may be time to find a new home to grow your career.

No End to the Burn Out

While hospitality is a notoriously challenging industry, it does not have to lead to constant exhaustion. A growing number of hospitality employers are willing to accommodate schedules and working situations. Discuss different arrangements with your management. They might be willing to make some changes if it means keeping good employees. If they are not, and your personal life suffers from it, then it might be time to find a more flexible employer.

Find a New Direction for Your Hospitality Career

Take a moment to reflect on what you truly want out of your next position. Consider your salary needs, learning goals, and ideal work environment, then consider if your current company stacks up to those expectations. If it does not, then it is time to let the Recruiters at Horizon Hospitality help you explore opportunities with the top hospitality employers in the nation.

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