Will a Professional Mentor Actually Help Your Hotel Career?

Countless studies found that professionals with mentors earn higher salaries and are more satisfied with their jobs. And yet, only 37% of professionals say they have a mentor. Whether you take advantage of a formal mentorship program or seek out a mentor on your own, here are some reasons why your hotel management career will thank you:

Keeps You Accountable

As you make your way up in hotels, you will have fewer and fewer peers and supervisors. This can make setting and achieving goals very lonely work. A peer or a more experienced professional that helps you develop goals provides more accountability in achieving them.

Builds a Support Structure

Leading a hotel team means making difficult decisions, often on your own. Having a trusted individual to bounce ideas off of can give you the confidence to get through challenges.

Brings a New Perspective

Finding a mentor that is not part of your direct team, or even your property, can give you a well-rounded view of the industry. They may help you tackle problems from a new angle and find creative solutions. Or you may even discover a career path that you had not thought about.

Strengthens Your Skillset

It’s hard to know what you don’t know. If you have been with a single company for a while, identifying gaps in your own skillset is challenging. A mentor can help you understand where you need improvement. If they can’t directly help you build that skill, then they may have the resources to help you improve.

Fine-tunes Communication Skills

Any relationship, even a professional one, is a two-way street. Working with a mentor gives you the opportunity to learn how to ask questions, gain exposure to another successful style of communication, and take constructive feedback.

Advance Your Hotel Career

A mentor is just one of the many tools to help boost your hotel career. If you are looking for the next step in your career, we can help your search. Let our Hotel Executive Recruiters help you find the next step in your hotel career. Submit your resume today!



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