Should Hotels Be Worried About the Metaverse?

When Mark Zuckerburg proclaimed that the metaverse is “the next chapter in the internet” last summer, the hotel professionals began to wonder: Should we be worried?

First of all: The “meta-verse” isn’t even real…yet. So, no, hotels do not need to overhaul their operations overnight. And no, virtual reality is not going to make the travel industry obsolete. But there are some interesting practical applications for hotels to keep on their radar:

Room Selection

Guests want to customize every aspect of their travel. Hotels could use the metaverse to let guests virtually tour rooms. How far is the room to amenities? What will my view be? They can know their room is exactly what they wanted before setting foot on the property.

Instant Payments

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology goes hand in hand with the metaverse and is already gaining momentum. A few hotel companies and booking platforms have already begun to accept cryptocurrency. While its use still is not widespread, hotels may want to consider keeping an eye on how it catches on.

Outside the Box Marketing

Companies have already begun investing in marketing in current gaming metaverse platforms like Fortnite to engage with younger markets. As the non-gaming metaverse develops, hotels have opportunities for highly creative and engaging marketing.

Invaluable Data

We have discussed in our blog before the growing importance of data for hotels. Not only will the meta-verse eventually serve as a goldmine of consumer data, but it will also provide countless opportunities for hotels to create tailored experiences for guests.

Effective Hiring and Training

While virtual hiring and recruiting is a rising trend, it often has a negative reputation as being too impersonal. The metaverse could create more personal recruiting experiences even for remote hotel staff. Hotels can move past unengaging training videos or awkward role-playing exercises and create immersive professional education programs.

Find Visionary Hotel Leaders

While it may seem at odds with the hotel industry, the metaverse could create unlimited opportunities for innovation in the coming years. Partnering with specialized hotel recruiters can help you find visionary hospitality talent who can bring new ideas to your company. Learn how today!



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