Should Hotel Executives Be Involved in Hiring?

In today’s seemingly impossible hiring market, the strain for talent is felt at all levels of hotel management. Many hotel executives are looking for any strategy that will give them the edge in hiring quality talent. So is it time for them to put on their recruiting hats and jump into the hiring frenzy?

Not so fast. While involvement in actual interviews may be necessary for upper-level hires, hotel executives should be wary of falling into a micro-management trap. Here are some ways executives can support recruiting efforts without stepping on toes or slowing down the process:

  • Empower Recruiters to be Decision Makers
  • Build Employer Brand
  • Focus on Retention
  • Promote Recruiting Culture

Empower the Recruiting Team to be Decision Makers

Hotel executives have busy schedules. Trying to insert themselves too deeply into the hiring process can slow things down if hiring managers and recruiters are constantly waiting for feedback. Star candidates may lose interest or get snapped up by a competitor.
Instead, periodically meet with your recruiting team to discuss talent acquisition needs and goals. This ensures that everyone is in step with the business needs from the beginning of the recruitment process. If the hiring managers and recruiters feel supported by you and that they understand hiring expectations, they can feel empowered to make quick decisions.

Perfect the Employer Brand

Instead of focusing on assisting in the recruitment of individual roles, executives should consider the company’s employer brand as a whole. Candidates today can be very selective with employer offers, so if a company’s employer reputation is terrible, their recruiting team will be spinning their wheels. Company culture comes from the top down, so this should be a top priority for executives. Check glass door reviews, get feedback from employees, and find out what can make a company a better place to work.

Focus on Retention

Retention is an often-neglected part of a talent acquisition strategy, especially in the hotel industry. Close to a third of new hires quit after six months, so an engaging onboarding process is essential. Revamping the onboarding process could result in lower turnover and making recruiting feel less of an uphill battle.

Promote a Recruiting Culture

Even if you have a designated HR department or recruiting team, they cannot be effective without support from the whole company. If you do not have a referral program, start one. Get the team excited about it with referral bonuses, competitions, and publicly thank employees who refer.

Bring in Hotel Recruitment Experts

Executives can play an important role in a company’s talent acquisition strategy while still empowering their hiring team to do their jobs. Partner with hotel recruiting experts to build a competitive recruitment process. Learn how Horizon Hospitality can help.



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