Did COVID-19 Reset the Competition Between Hotels and Airbnb?

Since its conception, traditional hotels have struggled to compete with short-term vacation rental platforms like Airbnb. But while COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the hotel industry, it also leveled the playing field in this respect. Travelers are still looking for a unique and personalized experience, but a renewed focus on safety and reliability has given traditional hotels a second wind. Here are some ways hotels will recapture travelers’ attentions:

Highlight your Local Life

Location, location, location! The travel experience does not end outside of the hotel property. By focusing on the surrounding area, hotels can help curate the experience travelers crave. Create guides to nearby eateries and shops. Highlight the natural scenery and ways to explore it. Provide a bit of historical context to the community. When travelers feel like a hotel is a part of the community, their trip will feel unique.

Use Attribute Based Selling

Travelers want more than just a bed and a bathroom from their hotel stay, but they do not want a one-size-fits-all package. Attribute-Based Selling is becoming a popular way for hotels to allow guests to select specific amenities and features when booking their rooms online. Even if a hotel’s rooms are all similar, guests can have the option to upgrade their view, select their floor preference, or even add on select services.

Capitalize on Housekeeping Capabilities

Visible cleanliness is a high priority for most travelers now. Because of this, hotels benefit from their visible, in-house housekeeping teams. Hotels simply have more resources and control over enhanced cleaning, and they should continue to market this to travelers post-pandemic.

Move Staff to Front and Center

After months of social distancing and constant mask-wearing, a new face is a breath of fresh air.
Even as contact-free technology gains momentum in hospitality, a visible and engaging staff may be more appealing to travelers than a stranger’s empty vacation home. Showing guests that a team of friendly faces ready to provide top-notch hospitality.

Partner with a Hotel Recruiting Expert

As travelers begin to make their plans, hotels need to be ready to capture their attention and provide a unique experience. For that, they need to have the best marketing, operational, and management staff they can find. Our hotel recruiters can help do just that.



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