Working with an Executive Hospitality Recruiter – What’s a Standard Timeline?

If you think back to the last time you recruited a hospitality executive on your own, you probably don’t remember it fondly. The stakes are high – the right executive can set the tone for your entire organization – and it can consume a lot of resources to do correctly.

The value provided by working with an executive hospitality recruiter will reverse that experience and lead to an awesome hire for your organization. However, before jumping into that partnership, you may wonder what to expect in terms of a timeline during the search and hiring process.

Here’s an overview of the process and experience.

It Begins with You

The recruiter will sit down with you to assess your needs and get to know what your company is like. They will want to meet with all relevant stakeholders. Once they have gathered enough information, an ideal candidate profile is created to guide the search. You’ll have the opportunity to approve the profile before it’s put into action.

Search Is Initiated

If you work with a specialized hospitality recruiter, chances are, they may have a few top candidates in mind before they even look at their database. Often the most desirable candidates are already employed. Your recruiter will reach out to confirm their current employment status and assess interest in your opportunity. The next step will be to dive deeper into their network to identify suitable candidates or request referrals from trusted resources. It’s reasonable for you to expect your recruiter to provide regular updates throughout this process.

Screening Begins

Before any candidate is presented to you, your recruiter will conduct a phone screening to confirm qualifications and interest. This will narrow the field so that you won’t waste time with candidates that don’t meet your requirements, fit your culture, or have an interest in pursuing the opportunity.

Top Candidates Are Presented

At your convenience, the recruiter will schedule phone or in-person interviews with the candidates you choose. Both you and the candidates will be debriefed after the interview to assess interest and get feedback. If you need additional interviews with any of the candidates before making your decision, they can coordinate them for you.

Offer Is Extended

The recruiter will work with you to put together an offer that will interest the candidate without leaving any money on the table. Your recruiter will be an expert in the local market and can help you create an attractive compensation offer package. They can also act as a go between if any facets of the offer need to be negotiated.

Transition Moves Forward

To get the new executive off on the right foot, your recruiter will stay in close contact throughout the onboarding process to answer any questions and address concerns.

Partner with a Leading Hospitality Executive Recruiter

Now that you see how simple it is to work with an executive hospitality recruiter, you just need to choose the right partner. The experts at Horizon Hospitality have an extensive record of success in helping hotels and restaurants hire game-changing hotel and restaurant leaders. When you have a critical executive manager role to fill, the industry-experienced professionals at Horizon Hospitality can help. Partner with our hospitality recruiters today to learn more.



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