Gen Z and Millennials Will Pay $50 More for Better Service – What Does Your Hotel Need to Provide?


There is a dual-pronged trend among younger consumers – minimalism and making travel a priority. They want to accumulate experience rather than stuff. That means that they are willing to spend more while on the road to make their travel experience exceptional, but not by stuffing their suitcases with gift store tchotchkes.

As a leader at a hotel or resort, maximizing the utility you provide to the younger generation of travelers in the areas that mean the most to them is vital to short-term happiness and long-term relationships.

What are three areas to focus on?

Don’t Skimp on the Wi-Fi

Young travelers are digital natives and come with multiple devices. They want to be able to access social media, play video games, and stream without interruption. They often check in at work and may need bandwidth for video conferencing. Make sure you provide plenty of electrical outlets so they can keep their technology charged. Bonus if you can add USB to your outlets.

Keep Connections Digital

Generation Z and millennial travelers don’t want to wait in line to check in or call down to the main desk with questions. Simplify check in by making it smartphone friendly. Putting systems in place so that they can use their phone as a room key gives their experience and security a boost as well as saving you time and money. Let them communicate via text to make requests or get in touch. Smart speakers are also embraced by these travelers, so it’s a smart upgrade to your guest rooms.

Give Them a Reason to Return

These generations are surprisingly loyal. If they are unhappy or you make a mistake, they’ll give you a chance to correct it. If you can turn a poor experience into a better one, 42 percent of them say they would come back. You’ll find they are likely to treat your employees well, too. They regularly mock “Karens,” people who complain to management over the slightest inconvenience. Generation Z and millennials are typically generous tippers and will go out of their way to treat service professionals as equals rather than subordinates.

Attract and Keep Young Travelers

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