Real Changes to Implement to Improve Data Security of Your Hotel


In previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of gathering customer data to deliver a better experience and to maintain your customer base. Once you have collected that data, it becomes your responsibility to protect it. A reputation for careless handling of data can hurt your hotel’s business, so make data security a priority.

How can you ensure customer information is not at risk?

There are both low tech and high-tech answers to this question. While your hotel might not be the victim of a significant data breach that compromises millions of credit card numbers, even a single guest doesn’t deserve to be the victim of fraud or theft. Employee error is a big reason that customer information is at risk.

Provide ongoing employee training

Train employees well and retrain them so they don’t fall into bad habits. An employee may think there is no harm in writing a card number on a sticky note or leaving documents out in plain sight for a moment rather than securing it properly. They may also fail to recognize the warning signs of social engineering or phishing attempts. It’s up to you to keep them on the straight and narrow and up to date on data security best practices. 

Control access to data

No customer should be able to access data belonging to another customer. No employee should have access to data that is not necessary to perform their job. This can prevent the accidental or malicious sharing of information.

Don’t co-mingle Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi you provide to guests should not share a network with your internal data network. Also, remind guests that they are operating on a shared network and should take precautions to protect their information.

Investigate GDPR

While General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) only applies to the European Union at this time, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with these consumer protection laws in case they are ever adopted in the United States. You may find some useful ideas for keeping your customers safe.

Partner with a Top Hotel Recruiter

Having the right people on your team is important for maintaining the security of customer data. Do you need help hiring those right executives and leaders for your hotel? We’re ready to help! Get in touch with the hotel recruitment experts at Horizon Hospitality to start your hotel executive search.



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