What Can a Hotel Do With Its Customer Data to Improve the Relationship?


Collecting data is a waste of time if you don’t leverage that data into creating a better customer experience, improved processes and repeat visits. Using Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) that keeps all of your data in one place can help you to operate more efficiently.

Begin With the Basics:

  • Acquire basic guest data. Keep and retain contact information for your guests to maintain a relationship through personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Solicit customer feedback. Guests can post feedback online where you have little-to-no control. Make it easy for customers to come to you directly with impressions of their stay, so they are less likely to tap on a third-party app. Keep track of results – both positive and negative – and look at issues you can resolve.
  • Keep ongoing communications. Make sure your guests are fully engaged at every level. Make it easy to book online, provide confirmation, pre-arrival and thank-you emails, as well as guest satisfaction surveys. Track open rates and other actions that reflect the level of customer engagement.

Identify Patterns

No doubt you know your busy seasons, but there are so many patterns to follow. Which customers are likely to return? How often? Which services do they enjoy? What perks go unused? Tracking this data can help you make smart decisions about what products and services to add, and which ones to let go.

Customize Your Marketing

By assessing what customers use and enjoy, you can attract and engage them going forward with newsletters, offers and incentives to encourage them to return, stay longer or recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Know Your Customers

Increasingly, consumer use of online travel agencies (OTA) threatens customer loyalty. But by truly knowing your customers, you can provide a memorable experience and reasons to return. If your hotel truly stands out, you can set yourself apart from the one down the road that’s offering a discount.

Partner With a Top Hotel Recruiter

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