How Tech Is Changing the Drive-Thru Game


Would you like data with that? The fast-food market has always been competitive, but in a time when in-person contact is being kept to a minimum, the popularity of the low-contact drive-thru experience is growing even faster. How can restaurants keep or increase their market share? By leveraging tech in every customer encounter.

What does tech offer the fast-food industry?

The latest technology includes facial and license plate recognition software that can speed up transactions, improve customer satisfaction, increase accuracy, and boost profitability because restaurants can serve more cars per hour. Diners can pay without even pulling out their wallets by linking credit cards to license plate numbers.

License Plate Recognition

Cameras that recognize license plates can personalize menus to the preference of repeat customers. Members of loyalty programs can connect their accounts to their profiles to provide access to their preferences, enable touchless payment and speed transactions.

Voice to Text

McDonald’s acquired a vocal recognition company last year that makes it easier to understand voices that are accented or indistinct. They are hoping this technology will help them to improve service and speed at the drive thru. It excels in situations with excessive background noise and reduces slow and mistake-prone keying of orders, especially those including special requests.

Facial Recognition

KFC in Beijing is using facial recognition and AI to make menu recommendations to customers. Suggestions are based on a customer’s perceived gender, age, and mood. The system will also remember a customer’s last order, improving speed and service for those who wish to repeat what they ordered on their previous visits.

Drive-thru customers have always expected quick service, but increasingly they are looking to customize their orders and add payment options.

Keep up with the latest.

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