What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Facial Recognition Technology in Your Restaurant?

Facial recognition is growing increasingly common. As hackers get smarter and are capable of bypassing even the most secure passwords, facial recognition is being used on smartphones like the iPhone X and more are sure to follow.

How can you use this technology in your restaurant? Should you?

Consider the experience of restaurants that have given it a try

CaliBurger in Pasadena, California, is using facial recognition technology that enables their customers to order and pay using a kiosk in the restaurant.  All the customer needs to do is smile at the camera to open their account, place their order using the touchpad and then pay by smiling once again. The customer will then be asked to enter their CVV credit card’s security code to complete the transaction.  CaliBurger hoped to eliminate the last step once the system has been tested.

KFC in Beijing has taken it a step further, using AI to make suggestions on what items a customer is likely to enjoy from the menu. The suggestions are made based on a customer’s gender, age and mood as gauged by facial recognition. This has had a mixed reception, because not all diners are interested in eating what the system tells them they should. It will remember your last order, which makes it simple to reorder, if you like.

Does facial recognition have a place in your restaurant?

Perhaps. Consumers enjoy convenience and speed and may be willing to sacrifice some privacy in order to know their favorite restaurant will recognize them and remember their order.

It’s a long way from being implemented across the board, and the cost of the technology may be prohibitive for many restaurants, but it’s most likely only a matter of time before it is reduced to an app that can be loaded into a hand-held device, rather than an oversized kiosk. The ability to pay is widely accepted by diners, so this may just be the next logical step.

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