How to Combine Upselling During the Pre-Stay and Check-In Processes

Upselling can take place at any point in the process. Opportunities arise from the moment the reservation is made through check-in and beyond. Front-desk and pre-stay upselling often go hand-in-hand. Ideally, it is a team effort. The pre-stay period is especially ripe for preselling because employees are not faced with a long line of check-ins they are trying to process quickly and efficiently.

Here are six ways that hotels can upsell to their guests during the pre-stay and continue that process during the actual check-in.

Automate the process

Use the pre-stay period to send out regular emails laying out the options the guest has open to them. Education is an essential element. Guests may not even be aware of the premium options they could enjoy.

Offer upgrades early

The earlier you catch people in their trip, the greater the chance that their expenses have not yet begun to add up. On their pending vacation high, they may be willing to treat themselves. Collect information about their stay. If it’s for an anniversary, they may opt for wine or champagne in the room or have an interest in room service.

Segment your guests

Market to them based on their interests so you can identify the sorts of perks that will appeal to them. Create different amenities packages based on various market segments to ensure you’re providing real value for your guests – offering something they genuinely want.

Stack upsells

Look at the upgrades they have opted for and build on them. Someone who books a suite for a romantic weekend for two may be open to an intimate dinner at your restaurant. They may also enjoy spa treatments for individuals or couples who would like to treat themselves.

Don’t forget groups

If a group books several rooms or a block, you can offer something that might appeal to the group, from spa treatments for a wedding party to kid-friendly meals for a travel hockey team. People are more likely to opt for relevant upgrades.

Focus on a soft sell

When people are trying to relax, they don’t want to feel like they are being sold. Have a conversation, especially during check-in, to find out if a breathtaking view is important to them or if they would rather have a bathroom with a soaking tub? Are they staying in? Suggest movie rentals or room service. If they are looking to go out on the town, have the concierge guide them to the right places and activities.

If you are hiring for hotel managers or executives, it’s crucial they know how to balance guest experience with profitability. If you’re ready to recruit hotel managers who can drive revenue, contact the hospitality specialists at Horizon Hospitality today.



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