Why Will a Hospitality Recruiter Help You Grow in 2020?


If you are a successful hospitality professional, there is no shortage of opportunities for you to advance your career within the industry. If you’ve got the confidence in your skills to handle a job search on your own, you might wonder why anyone would bother working with a recruiter. There are plenty of reasons that trusting your career with a hospitality recruiter is a smart decision.

Get your resume to the top of the stack

A specialized hotel or restaurant management recruiter will have long-standing relationships with employers in the industry. This ensures that your resume gets in front of the right decision-maker. It also helps you make the right match. Perhaps most helpful is that the recruiter can “talk you up” to the hiring manager in a way you may not be able to.

Search anywhere you want to work

If you work with a recruiter with connections across the industry, you won’t need to limit your search to the local area. They can act as your eyes and ears in the city you want to work most. Even if it’s your dream resort or a tough to get into a hotel or restaurant. Best of all, your search will be fully confidential, so you don’t need to tip your hand to your current employer until you are ready to give notice.

Work with someone who gets it

When you partner with a hospitality recruiter rather than a general recruiter, you won’t have to explain the particulars of your job or the industry. This field has particular challenges that only insiders will get. They will know what different hotels, restaurants, clubs, and resorts are like. That makes it easier for them to encourage you to go for one opportunity while warning you off another.

Get access to unadvertised positions.

For some positions, particularly higher-level ones, employers want to conduct a more discreet search and don’t want it advertised. They don’t want to be inundated with inappropriate resumes. Or, it’s entirely possible that the position is not yet vacant, and the employer doesn’t want to release that information publicly. In these sensitive situations, they often reach out to a trusted recruiter who will conduct a confidential search on their behalf.

That’s Why You Should Work with a Top Hotel and Restaurant Management Recruiter

When you work with Horizon Hospitality, we take the time to understand your career interests and goals. We will connect you with the right opportunities for you and ensure that you are prepared to make a great impression in the interview. Your information will always be kept confidential, and we’ll stay in touch with you every step of the way. Best of all – there’s never a cost to you. To learn more about restaurant recruitment or hotel recruitment options, contact the experts at Horizon Hospitality today.



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