3 Advanced Tips to Make Your Job Descriptions Stand Out


The biggest mistake employers make is thinking that job descriptions should be geared toward their wants and needs, rather than those of job seekers. When you post a job description online, you should consider it to be a marketing piece to grab the attention of applicants who are qualified for your open positions.  

It’s important to focus on what the job seeker wants in their next position — the features and benefits of working for you that separate your opportunity from the many other available positions in the hospitality industry. In this article, we will discuss three tips that will make your job descriptions stand out among the crowded field of other opportunities.  

Advancement Opportunities 

If you are advertising an entrylevel management position with potential for advancement, make that clear in the job description. You can spell out specifically that there is advancement potential, or you can refer to mentorship opportunities or professional development programs. For a job seeker, it can make the difference between a job that’s close to what they want to one that has the potential for being a dream job. It’s beneficial to you as well because you’re more likely to attract candidates who are in it for the long haul.  

Company Culture  

People want to work for employers where they fit in. They want to be comfortable and proud of where they work. Make your company culture and philosophy clear in your advertising. If you have a highend restaurant with exacting standards for customer service, don’t be afraid to say so. If your restaurant is hip and trendy, demonstrate that in how you market to potential job seekers as well. You’re wasting their time as well as your own by making job descriptions too general. Applicants will have no idea whether they are a likely fit for the role. You don’t want to waste your time interviewing someone who looks great on paper but doesn’t have the right personality to do well in your organization. 


Benefits can set an organization apart in the hospitality industry. Today’employees look for perks like holidays, paid time offhealth benefits401K — there’s no limit to what you can offer. Just don’t be shy about including them in your job description. It gives candidates the information they need to decide where they would like to apply. It can make all the difference in a tight market where applicants are deciding between a variety of opportunities. Another popular benefit to offer is referral bonuses. It provides a perk for employees and can bring in people who are a good fit for the organization.  

Partner with a Hospitality Recruiter 

Perhaps the most effective way of attracting the right people to your organization is to work with a specialized recruiter who focuses on the hospitality industry. Contact the specialists at Horizon Hospitality. We are industry leaders in recruiting hotel and restaurant managers and executivesGet in touch today.  




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