Will Robotic Process Automation Help Your Hospitality Recruiters?


When people worry about robots taking over their jobs they might not realize that robots or AI brings more opportunity than it eliminates. What happens with robotic process automation is that the repetitive and simple processes are the ones that are typically automated. That allows us to focus on tasks that require a human touch. Here are several ways that robotic process automation can help hospitality recruiters do their job better. 

Resume Screening  

Robotic process automation can make the screening process a little less grueling. Automate the first pass to prevent your team from wasting time on resumes from completely unqualified candidates. Make your parameters even tighter and you’ll only need to focus on a select few candidates to scrutinize for fit and set for interviews. You can even automate the appointment setting process.  

Data Management 

Every new hire comes with a wealth of data to track, much of which needs to be kept confidential, such as social security numbers, payroll, and benefits. This information must be stored securely but must be easily retrievable. There are also federal, state and local regulations around managing this employee data.   

Attendance Tracking 

Time tracking is a common usage of automation, but take it to the next level with reporting that can analyze patterns for absenteeism, or under or overstaffing in different areas of the company. Staff can then be allocated according to demand.  

Payroll Management 

Not only is payroll processing monotonous, but it’s also ripe for errors – often expensive ones. The importance of data entry is often underestimated, but accuracy is essential, speed is desirable, and both are areas where automation can shine. Relying on payroll automation can ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time.  

While all this process automation is going on behind the scenes, your hospitality recruiters can focus on tasks that only they can handle such as interviewing candidates and communicating with employers to find the perfect fit – areas where only a personal touch will do.  

Partner with a Leading Hospitality Recruiter  

For more ideas on how will robotic process automation help your hospitality recruiters, contact the restaurant and hotel recruiting experts at Horizon Hospitality. Our hotel and restaurant management recruiters can help you hire more efficiently. Contact us today to get started.  






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