1 of 50 Teams Are Resilient – How to Hire for Resiliency in Your Private Club

What is resiliency and what can it bring to your private club’s team? It is the ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks and easily overcome obstacles that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

Resiliency is important to the club industry because no matter what challenges are thrown at an employee, they are expected to put the customer first, put a smile on their face and give their members a memorable experience. Look for the following in building a resilient team:


Do team members care about providing an exceptional member experience? It’s tough to stay “on” at all times, but it’s an impossible goal to reach with team members who consider their position “just a job” and don’t place members first.

Shared purpose

The entire team must be working toward the same goal. Are they invested in the outcome? Do they take pride in a job well done? This is an essential part of having a resilient team. Be clear on the goals of the club and department to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Each team member must be confident that others are on the same page and will back them up as needed.  Discuss with your team the importance of arriving on time and helping teammates who get swamped.


Team members must consistently do what they promise. If your private club allows shift-trading, employees must be able to count on each other to show up. Leaders must provide the resources and support individuals need to do their jobs well.


Team members should understand where their department fits within the club. Their goals need to mesh with those of the overall organization. It’s motivating for employees to know what they do every day contributes to the ultimate success of the club.

Resilience can be the difference between going through the motions and putting forth the best effort. Look for areas where you can improve the resiliency of your team. Encourage employees to collaborate in reaching their goals. Hiring the right manager can make all the difference.

Choose a private club recruiting partner that finds resilient talent

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