4 Ways to Attract (and Help) the Solo Traveler to Your Hotel


Increasingly, travelers are not waiting for a willing companion to hit the road. They are packing their bags and going solo. This is a travel sector you can’t afford to ignore. How can you make your hotel a go-to destination for those traveling alone?

Consider varying needs

All solo travelers are not alike.  According to a survey by Agoda, an online travel agency, solo travel is most prevalent among Baby Boomers (39%) and Generation Xers (24%), but their needs, preferences, and reasons for travel are not all the same.

They may be digital nomads who stay at different locations while continuing to work. They will need good Wi-Fi access, a quiet place to work undisturbed and usually an unlimited supply of coffee. On the other hand, some solo travelers are leisure travelers and want to look at attractions in the area, enjoy some downtime, and generally get to know the local culture.

One of the reasons people choose to travel solo is so they are not subject to the whims, preferences or schedules of anyone else. They can get up when they want, and go where they want, so tap into that sense of independence many solo travelers enjoy.

Market to solo travelers

Consider the imagery in your marketing. Are all the pictures on your website or brochures families enjoying the pool or older couples dining? You may think you’re reaching a broad range of travelers, but solo travelers may feel left out. They don’t want to worry that they will stand out. Make them feel welcome. Don’t put them in an undesirable corner at your restaurant or the worst room in your hotel. Give them an enjoyable experience.

Provide socialization opportunities

Not everyone who travels solo is an introvert. They may welcome opportunities to engage with other guests to swap stories or travel tips. Make common areas welcoming. Host a cocktail hour or brunch where guests can mingle. You don’t have to be a bed and breakfast to give that same homey experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to show off some local culture with a wine or craft beer tasting.  Remember to promote these events on social media so potential guests can plan to attend.

Make them feel safe

Solo travelers often have safety concerns on the road. Make sure your security is top of the line.  Don’t put them in first-floor rooms. Offer to walk guests to their cars. Provide personal security devices or room alarms.  Perform regular security audits to look for areas of vulnerability.

To make your property attractive to solo travelers, you need to market yourself as a relaxing and welcoming “retreat from reality” while also providing the packages, amenities, and unique charm that these travelers crave.

Partner with an expert hotel recruiter

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