How Much of Your Recruitment Process Can You Truly Automate?


Anything you can do to make the hiring process easier for job seekers is going to give you a distinct competitive advantage. Even in a period of low unemployment, candidates aren’t always treated as valued individuals by employers and recruiters.  

The problem ishow do you provide the kind of candidate experience required to attract and keep top talent while still managing your other daily obligations? 

For many employers, the answer is automation. What parts of the process can you automate without losing quality and the personal touch? Consider these touchpoints.  


The simpler it is for candidates to use, the easier it will be for them to fill out without needing to ask questions. Also, in the hotel and restaurant industry, people don’t always have a lot of time to fill out applications on a computer. That’s why a mobile enabled app can be essential to capturing candidates. 


Add a chatbot to your site for initial inquiries or to answer any questions that may come up in the application or hiring process. It can give the candidate an immediate response to any concerns, questions or clarifications they may have while freeing your recruiters to work on more hands-on tasks. 

Interview Scheduling

scheduling service such as Calendly can allow recruiters to open their calendars on a selected basis so candidates can choose the dates and times to that work for them without a lot of back and forth via phone or email.  

Automated Reference Checking

Manual reference checks can take a lot of time. You need to catch the right people at the right time, and you need to make it easy for them to respond. An automated system can be an advantage for your recruiters who will have more time to focus on making placements and for references who will have a simple way to provide their feedback.  

Background Checks

One of the most useful automations takes place at the background checking stage. You can verify everything from work history to education to any required credentials as well as criminal background checks where required.  

Partner with a Leading Hospitality Recruiter  

One way to “automate” your hiring process is to turn it over to a trusted restaurant and hotel recruiter. The hospitality recruiting experts at Horizon Hospitality have hotel and restaurant management recruiting down to a science. Contact us today to simplify your search.  



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