The Best Hospitality Recruiters Do More Than Place You in a Job

There are plenty of recruiters who can go out and find open jobs to match your qualifications. But, when you take your hotel or restaurant career seriously, you need much more. You need a partner who will take the time to understand your professional goals and advise on the best path to reach them. You need a hospitality recruiter who skill markets you to the hospitality companies who are looking for the best talent in the industry.

The best hospitality recruiters can offer:


When you work with specialized recruiters, they understand the nuance unique to hospitality management and executive positions in the restaurant, hotel, resort or country club industry. When you partner with a hospitality recruiter, they analyze your abilities and career path to the open positions hospitality companies are looking to fill. It could be at a fast-casual restaurant or an executive position at a high-end resort. The best hospitality recruiters know which candidates work best for an open job.


The hospitality industry tends to be a bit like a small town. Everyone seems to know everyone. That can make it tough to seek your next position when you’re currently employed. When you work with a hospitality recruiter, they can keep your search completely confidential and ensure your information will not be shared with any company without your prior approval.


When you develop a relationship with a hospitality recruiter who has your best interests in mind, they can “sell” your qualifications more strongly than you may be willing to yourself. They can act as your agent – just as if you were an elite athlete – ensuring the decision makers know you are the right person for the job, and you don’t leave anything on the table when it’s time to negotiate compensation.

Coaching and Feedback

An employer will never tell you that you didn’t get the job because your resume was lacking or your hair looked sloppy, but your recruiter will – better yet – they can prevent it by advising you ahead of time. The best hospitality recruiters will also debrief afterward, sharing specific feedback the interviewer provided and letting you know where you stand and what to expect.

Insider Access

Experienced hospitality recruiters will have access to positions that are not publicly posted. A hospitality recruitment firm with a positive reputation in the industry will be trusted by employers who need to conduct a confidential or narrowly targeted search. By partnering with a leading hospitality recruiting firm, you’ll have access to these unique opportunities. Your recruiter knows your abilities. They know what the company wants in a candidate. Then, they make the perfect match for both sides.

Work With a Top Hotel and Restaurant Management Recruiter

When you trust your career to Horizon Hospitality, you’ll get much more than a job. You’ll have a true partner who is dedicated to your success and match your qualifications to open positions. Visit our job board for current openings or see the full range of our career coaching services. To learn more about restaurant recruitment or hotel recruitment options, contact the experts at Horizon Hospitality today.




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